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白雁气功 Bai Yin Qigong
Next HarmonyQi Class
This is a 10-hrs class, spread over 2 days
Timing: 9.30am-12pm + 2:30pm-5.00pm on both days.

What is HarmonyQi?

HarmonyQi is the foundation level introductory course to Bai Yin Qigong. It's popular and widely accepted by people from all professions, among schools, enterprises and corporations in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China.

What is HarmonyQi Good For?

1. Improved Qi-Blood circulation to reduce aches/pain
2. Detoxification and clearing blockages to have better skin
3. Calm Your Mind to sleep better
4. Relief from stress & tension

Why HarmonyQi?

▶️ FAST to Learn
▶️ FAST to Practice
▶️ FAST to Get Results

HarmonyQi Special Bundle...

Special Bundle comprises:
✅ 10 hours of HarmonyQi ZOOM Live Class
✅ 2 hours of post-class online Revision
✅ Weekly online Group Practice
✅ Revision micro-videos (Mandarin Only)
✅ Guided Practice music
✅ Multiple Ad hoc online Revision
✅ Multiple Ad hoc online Group Practice

Singapore Address: 
Harmony Health Management Pte Ltd
2 Havelock Road, #05-22 Havelock II, Singapore 059763
Singapore: +65-89219286, +65-84193282

 Taiwan Address:
8th Floor, No. 26, Changchun Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 
Taiwan: +886-2-25711222

Hong Kong: +852-24222238   
Malaysia: +60-12-4788381
Macau: +853-63286069
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