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In this FREE 1.5 hour online Masterclass, International Qigong Senior Instructor Yu Hua (from Taiwan) reveals how you can...
Reduce Your Aches & PainReduce Your TirednessReduce Your Bloating IssueImprove Your Sleep QualityWarm Up Your Cold LimbsImprove Your Skin
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Jagjit, Security Company Director

After my hysterectomy, I keep putting on weight for the past 2 years. I walk 10km a day, I eat clean diet but I still didn't lose it. Qigong really helped me lose weight within 2 months

Best of all, Qigong helps me to calm down and improve my relationship with my daughter.

Mr Loo, Banker

Whenever I talk to my friends that I have not met for more than a year, they would say, "You look different. How come? You look energetic. Not so tired". 

Despite our busy schedules, both my wife and I will take 15 mins to practice Qigong daily. The whole family spend more time together on healthy activity rather than just sit & watch TV or looking at handphone 

Yuen Foo, Student

I'm 20 years old & I've been practising Qigong for 11 years now. 
There is always a flu season in school and everyone will be sneezing and sniffing in class. Because of my Qigong practice, I don't get sick easily. And even if get sick, I recover in 1 or 2 days. This helps me to concentrate more during class.  

Lily, Sales Director

Practising Qigong able to give me more energy to go through the day. I find it good as Qigong is able to make me sweat a lot and minimize my injuries

I like that the routine is simple and the time is not too longTo me, things has to be very simple and it has to be able to incorporate into our daily life to form a habit. I also encourage my family members to join

  The Masterclass Registration Is Ending Soon ... Enroll Now!
Based on Science and TCM. Experience it Yourself!
Here's How Bai Yin Qigong Has Transformed Lives...
  The Masterclass Registration Is Ending Soon ... Enroll Now!
10 Minutes to Feel Energetic AGAIN!

  Sharing from 4 TCM Physicians & Doctors... 3 mins Only... with English Subtitles

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  The Masterclass Registration Is Ending Soon ... Enroll Now!
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